Hair Glossary

Throughout my blog I use hair care related vocabulary that might not be so familiar with everyone especially my younger readers. Here is glossary that explains all the terms that I have used.


Breakage: Refers to when hair breaks apart in the middle. Breakage can be a result of using many heating products or brushing your hair when it is wet.


Build up: A layer of products that has not been removed from your hair.


Crown: The very top of your head.


Fly-aways: Strands of hair that tend to stick up.


Follicle: A skin organ that produces hair.


Frizz: The unruly way that hair sticks up/tangles.


Hair Serum: A thick oily solution that typically repairs hair or prevents frizz.


Heat Protectants: Sprays or serums that protect your hair from being damaged by styling tools such as curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers.


Hot oil treatment: A treatment using hot oil that is used to treat dry or damaged hair. It restores moisture to hair.


Leave-in conditioner: Conditioner that you do not rinse out. Typically leave-in conditioners tend be more moisturizing than a normalconditioner.It can also be used as a detangler.


Moisture: Healthy hair tends to feel softer to the touch, not dry and brittle


Parting comb: A thin special type of comb used to separate your hair.


Pomade: A thick usually sticky type of cream that.


Sea Salt: Salt from the ocean (or the spice bottle) that enhances waves in your hair.


Roots: The very beginning of your hair. The part of hair that is leaving the skin. Buildup usually occurs at the roots.


Shaft: The part of the hair projecting beyond the skin. Basically, the part of the hair we can see.


Shine: The glisten, gleam, or glow, that healthy/clean hair has.


Split ends: The tip of the hair breaks apart and splits into two. Split ends tend to be drier and make your hair much for difficult to manage.


Sodium Lauyrl Sulfate: An ingredient found in many shampoos and laundry detergents that is can dry your hair out.


Texture cream: Creams that are used to provide more definition or a piecey look to your hair.


Volume: Height at the roots of your hair, body.