About Me

Hello everyone!

My name is Veronica! Thanks for visiting my blog.

I decided to create this blog because there is a serious lack of hair tips, product reviews, and styling methods on the internet for women with wavy, curly hair, and thick hair . I also noticed that there seems to be a lack of reviews in general about many hair products in general. I also originally created the blog because it was part of a class assignment.

Since I normally try out different products and techniques all the time, I decided to blog about it to share my experiences with everyone. I have thick wavy hair but my baby hairs (curse them) are very curly/kinky. I thought it’s worth mentioning in case any of you readers out there have a similar hair type.

A goal of mine before I post any product reviews is to finish the majority of the hair product. All my posts are about products that I’ve used from some time.

When I’m not talking about hair care products, I can be found during the day writing, attempting to do fitness related activities, watching Netflix, and eating food or daydreaming about food.

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