Hair Care Resources

Here are some other websites that I found to be valuable as hair care resources. Since my blog is about my personal experience with different hair care products, this list of resources allows you to search other reviews and tips.

1.Makeup Alley

Makeup Alley is a website dedicated to all things beauty related. It has reviews from different users about stuff like shampoo, facewash and even styling tools. You can also swap different hair care and beauty products with other users. The site also has a diary feature, so you can follow different users’ experiences with trying out different products post by post.

2. Naturally Curly

Naturally Curly is a place where are curly hair/wavy hair women can unite. It is the ultimate outlet for all things related to curly hair and wavy hair. What I like most about the site is that it organizes your it’s products, tips,  and styling methods in different curly hair categories, so you do not have to scroll through endless pages searches for a post that relates to your hair type.

3. Curly Nikki

Curly Nikki has celebrity interviews from different curly/wavy haired celebrities, styling tips, products reviews, and forums. But what makes this site unique is that if focuses on embracing your natural hair. At times it can be frustrating to work with curly/wavy hair when it comes to styling and taking care of it. For some women, especially young girls it can affect their self-esteem. Curly Nikki provides a learning atmosphere where women can come to embrace their natural hair.

4. Tightly Curly

Tightly curly of course features tips, reviews but it also features a comprehensive list of ingredients that are used in hair products. For those of us that like to use organic products or who simply are against certain ingredients, this would be your best bet. The list provides ingredient descriptions that were created by the help of various doctors.

5. The Beauty Brains

Beauty Brains are a group of cosmetic students have come together to provide the truth about different hair care and cosmetic products. They help us understand what each ingredient does exactly and what the real results we can expect from products are.