Use soap as a shampoo

That’s right try using soap instead of shampoo.

No, not just any old bar soup, I’m talking about Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Oil Soap.

Sometimes after I wash my hair with shampoo, it still does not feel clean enough. I can still feel the products that are leftover in my hair and it drives me crazy. The reason for this is because sometimes just shampooing once isn’t enough to get rid of all the oils that have collected in my hair. Instead of doubling up or tripling the number of times I shampoo, I use this tea tree oil instead.

This soap brings such relief to my hair after days of using hair spray, hair pomades, heat protectants or any type of products. I like that it works well to rid my hair of all the junk that I put in it throughout the week. I also like that it’s organic, meaning it does not contain the infamous ingredient Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, that is known to dry hair out.

After using products throughout the week and the combination of my own natural hair oils, my scalp tends to itch a bit even after I’ve shampooed it. But I noticed that after using the tea tree soap, no more itch.

The  downside to this product is that it is a bit pricey when compared to other soaps.  For a 16 0z. bottle it is $10.49.  But there are  smaller bottles that are available to purchase at a cheaper price of course, but 16 oz. is about the same as a bottle of shampoo.

Since this is organic, it does have an certain herbal smell to it. The good news is that the smell won’t stay in your hair for a long time.

Aside from using it as soap it also works to treat acne and heal cuts.


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