Tresemme Curl Activator Spray

No need for hairspray with this product

It’s no secret that I’m a big Tresemme fan. Their products are inexpensive and work well for me, so I continue to be loyal fan.

I’ve used this product in two different ways. The first way I sprayed it on my hands and worked it through my hair. The second way, I sprayed it on my hair and blow dried it for a couple of minutes. The folks at Tresemme recommend the second way for the best results.

I do not recommend spraying it on your hair directly. If you spray too much in one spot it will make your hair stiff and tacky, so take the time to notice how much and where you’re spraying the product.

The spray is a good replacement for actual hair spray. This product made my curls last quite long. The longest my curls lasted were 3 days. Of course by the 3rd day my curls were much looser, but 3  days of nice curls is good in my book.

I’ve curled my hair before without this product and I noticed a huge difference. The curls still look nice, but with this product the curls look more defined,polished and smooth. It is worth mentioning that this product does not create curls it merely enhances the curls that you are going to create with a curling iron.

As I mentioned before, if you use too much of this product it will cause your hair to be stiff. Since that happens, I’ve actually used this as a hairspray. The only downside to that is that it flakes super easily that by the end of the day I notice flakes, even though I haven’t touched my hair. But the product really isn’t meant to be used in that way, but I thought it was worth mentioning in case you’re ever in a bind and run out of hair spray.

Overall, I would re-purchase this product. I like that I can curl my hair and not use any hair spray because I know the curls are long lasting. Since, it doubles up as a heat protectant, for those who curl your hair often, there is no need to purchase two separate products.


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