Suave Captivating Curls Shampoo and Conditioner

I’ve been using Suave’s Captivating curls line for about two months now. 

I hate to say it but I haven’t noticed that much of an improvement in my hair. Surprisingly, it worked mostly on the lower half of my hair, not so much the top half. The top half of my hair needs the most help and protection, but the products did very little help that. 

The product claims to add up to 2x curl definition. This didn’t happen in my case. As I mentioned before, it did work a bit for the bottom half of my hair. I noticed some more shape to my waves. But as far as the overall impact on my curl definition, no it did not work well for me.

The shampoo by itself does a fine job of cleaning the products out of my hair. I have no complaints about how the shampoo works as far as cleaning all the junk out of my hair.


The conditioner however, I thought it would bring a lot more moisture to my hair, but it didn’t. I didn’t notice too much of a difference from the previous condition of my hair.

The product also claims to provide some frizz control. I did notice an improvement. I have a lot of baby hairs. Those baby hairs tend to be the curliest and frizziest part of my hair. After using this for a couple weeks, I noticed that they were much calmer and smoother. So it did work to calm down the most unruly part of my hair.

As always, I have to comment on the smell of each product. I’m not the best at describing smells, but I think it has a hint of vanilla in there.

Remember that just because this product did not give me the results that I would have liked, does not mean that it will work the same for you. Overall, I would recommend this product to help reduce frizz but I would not recommend it as a curl defining shampoo or conditioner.Su


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