Make your curls last longer without hairspray

No hairspray?

I know that seems impossible but it’s true! So put away those arousal cans, you won’t be needing them today. Instead be sure to have lots and lots of bobby bins!

For this hair tip, use the regular standard straight bobby pins, not the u-shaped ones because those won’t work for this.

Bust out the curling iron and begin to curl your hair normally. After you curl each piece, coil it together, take a bobby pin and pin it to the top of your head. Repeat this process for the rest of your hair.

Remember you’re not altering the curl that you just formed with the curling iron, you’re just pinning it to your head. If you do try to alter the curls, it will not be a pretty sight once you to take all the bobby pins out.

Only take the bobby pins out once your hair has cooled completely. When your hair is hot/fresh from the curling iron it can be shaped easily. Taking the bobby pins out when your curls have not cooled will pretty much ensure that the curls won’t last as long.

When using this technique I noticed that my curls will last a few days. The only downside of this technique is that it does take quite a while, especially for those like myself who have tons of thick hair. I would allow at least an hour or so to try out this technique. Even though it does take some extra time, the results are worth it. More importantly, it is nice to give your hair a break from all that hair spray.


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