Powders to the rescue

With finals coming up a lot of us are starting to get a bit lazier when it comes to our hair routine. On the days that you wake up late or you simply didn’t feel like washing your hair for whatever reason….baking soda or baby powder is your solution.

Throughout the day, our hair collects dirt and oil. Keep in mind that our hair also produces it’s own oil and moisture. Too much oil can cause your scalp to itch and or course you end up looking like a grease ball.

Instead of going through the day the looking like a grease ball, use some baking soda or baby powder instead.

Just take a couple of pinches of either powder and sprinkle it on the roots of your hair. Massage the powder in the roots, so that it will absorb some oil. Work the powder into your hair in small amounts, since you never know how much you’re going to need.

Be careful not to use too much powder because it will be noticeable. A little bit goes a long way in this case.

By the end of this process your hair should feel less oily. This process also helps reduce some scalp itch.

Of course this is by no means a substitute for washing your hair, but merely a last minute way to help you have a decent hair day.


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