Remington Flat Iron Review

My flat iron passed away about six months ago.  I had a wonderful $100.00 Chi flat iron that got me through many bad hair days. After having it for many years it finally just stopped turning on all together.

Of course, I was on the hunt for a new flat iron…except for this time I was on a budget. I’m a college student, I can’t afford to spend $100 or so on a good flat iron.

I ended up heading to my nearest Target and coming home with a $15 Remington Flat Iron. I chose this flat iron because it was of course the cheapest and it heats up to a little over 400 degrees.

After using this flat iron for over six months I can give it an accurate review.

The first few times I used this flat iron is had a weird smell to it every time it heated it. If it weren’t for the scented heat protectant I used, I think the same strange odor would have transferred to my hair. The smell does go away eventually, but it was annoying to have to deal with in the first place.

The plates do not glide very easily. When I try to curl my hair with it sometimes my hair gets stuck in the side of the plates.

The sole reason I purchased this flat iron aside from the price is that it had a cute design. But after using it a few times, the design begins to fade on the parts that are closest to the plates. The outside design of the flat iron can be ruined easily because it can chip easily.

Aside from all of that the flat iron does heat up enough to straighten my hair. Usually very inexpensive flat irons simply don’t have enough power to flat iron my hair but I’m happy to say this one does.

As far as the problems I have with it, the flat iron is $15, I got what I paid for. I can’t except to have plates that glide through my hair smoothly for only $15.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this particular flat iron unless you’re on a budget or it’s an emergency.


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