The “No Poo” Method

By Poo of course I mean SHAMPOO.

The no shampoo method has been around for quite sometime. I tried this myself and I failed. I went for about a month or so without using shampoo. When I told people this, they thought it was disgusting. Let me clarify this, I did wash my hair, I just did not use a shampoo. Instead I used a dry shampoo in the shape of a foam. The only reason that I failed at this is because I did not feel that my dry shampoo cleaned my hair enough. But I did notice a definite improvement in the health of my hair. Surprisingly, my hair got wavier.

Why try the no poo method?

As clean as your hair may feel after you shampoo, it actually is bad for you hair. Shampoo strips the hair of natural oils. Moreover, shampoos contain some ingredients that are also found in laundry detergents, which are obviously harmful for your hair.  Once your hair has more natural oils, the curls and waves will have much better shape and less frizz.

The thing that I hated about trying the no-poo method is the transition period. During this transition, you will feel, well to be honest gross. Your scalp may itch, feel greasy, and your hair will just look sort of funky. The transition period is different for everyone. It may last a couple weeks or a couple months.  For me this transition period lasted about a month.

Instead of shampoo:

The shampoo substitute is baking soda and water. Use one tablespoon of baking soda and one cup of water.  This mixture should not be chunky, it should be a liquid mixture. Use this mixture as you would a shampoo and massage it through your hair, then rinse it out. Sometimes the baking soda may be a bit difficult to get out of your hair, for this it would be best to use some type of comb in the shower.

The next mixture that will serve as your shampoo is apple cider vinegar and some water : use one tablespoon of vinegar and one cup of water. Keep this in your hair a couple minutes then rinse it out.

The sole reason I failed at this is because I did not know about the mixtures. I just thought that I was suppose to use a dry shampoo and that’s it. But most good quality dry shampoos are quite expensive and I was simply not willing to spend the money on my hair. Hopefully the rest of you have better luck than I did. I will in the near future try this out again


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