TRESemme Shine Spray-Product Review

This bottle can last for a while, you only need a few sprays.

What attracted me to this product is that it claims to reduce frizz. I thought it would be great because it’s also a shine spray, so it’s like getting two products in one. I have never really used a shine spray before on a consistent basis so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

After using this product for a while, I can say that it should be used mostly as a shine spray, as it does not reduce frizz very well.

The spray did smooth down a few fly-aways and make my hair a bit more polished, but it would be better to use some type of hair pomade or cream.

I do however, like the shine that it gives. It’s not too much or too little.

The main problem I had with this product is that when the day was over, I felt like my hair was really dirty. But that should be expected since I was added a shine spray to my hair which of course has oil of some sort.

Maybe when I try out a few more shine sprays I’ll be able to more accurately say whether or that that problem is considered normal.

If you’re looking for a products that adds shine and reduces frizz, I’d pass on this. This product only smooths out your hair a bit. It won’t make a lot of your unruly hair lie flat in place.

As a shine spray however, it works well. Instead of spraying a few inches from my hair or directly on it, I found it best to spray the product on my hands and then work it into my hair. Sometimes using the direct spray on my hair didn’t result in an even shine. More importantly, using your hands instead of direct spray makes it easier to control how much product you want in your hair.

I’m not too sure if I’d repurchase this product in the future, I’ll have to test out a few more shine sprays in the meantime.

[This product can be found at any drugstore, Target or Walmart for under $5]


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